Hand Habits - Book On How To Change


The film is a visual exploration of identity, youth and place set in a small town in the Eastern Sierras accompanying Hand Habit’s transcendent song, “Book on How to Change.”

Through the gaze of a young woman we see the characters and quotidian moments of her life pass, as she walks out of town and metaphorically out of the confines of her identity and space. The ending is open to interpretation—real or imagined— she exchanges the narratives of her past for an awakened expression of self.

From the AdHoc premiere:

"Capturing glimpses of the small-town "quotidian moments," as director Chantal Anderson describes in her artist's statement, the video documents a departure delicately unfolding into a gentle self-actualization. As the peripatetic protagonist arrives at a rocky outcropping just beyond city limits, she regally position herself atop a small summit and grasps the deep blue air around her, relishing a chance to start "messing" with her very own "dream." Like the song, a highlight from Hand Habits' recent Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void), the heroine appears at ease upon her radiant perch. The rugged alpine landscape, ghost town urban decay, and spaghetti western closeups all attest to the sheer emotional intensity seething beneath the pattering drums and lilting vocals of Duffy's muted epic."


Huge thanks to Hand Habits / WOODSIST RECORDS

Director: Chantal Anderson
Producer: John Bowers
Introducing: Cianni Benson
Color: Kaitlyn Battistelli at Electric Theatre Collective